you are forever in my mind,just in my mind.

Feelings change,memories don't.
Joel Alexander

Feelings change, memories don't.
In order to truly let go of a person or a relationship that ended abruptly and unexpectedly in life, we have to realize at some point that feelings change, and memories don't. Over time, usually the separation of two people causes feelings to change between these two, though the two may share very pleasant memories for years, memories by themselves simply aren't enough to keep two souls bound together. In order to keep the flame of a relationship lit, a couple has to be willing to keep lighting the candle.

A pair has to be willing to work hard at making each other happy, and willing to put effort into communicating effectively in their relationship. One thing that is promised at a relationship's end is that there will always be memories for both parties to take with them while parting ways. Through all of the pain and struggle just try hard to remember that feelings sometimes change, but the memories you have are yours for the rest of your lifetime.

I just can't let it go,I don't want to lose those feelings.
I regret that the things I've done and the decisions I've made.
I want to go back and fix our relationship . I really really really want to repair it. Or Maybe I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget all the things related to you and just go on.
I'm such a fool,such a fool.😔

Where did I go right
How did I get you
How come all this blue sky is around me
And you found me
Where did I go right
How did I get you
I don't know how I did
But somehow now I do

-where did I go right - Hilary duff-


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